I had known life in cars and stranger houses. In unknown restaurants, amongst filthy men. Men, I called them before I met you.
Men were strong. They were dirty mouthed and smoked ciggaretes while their wives cleaned their ashtrays. They lifted rocks and engines and their hands at every girl who didnt oblige.
But those aernt men, are they? I learnt that a man didnt have to be the epitome of masculinity. Infact, men are nothing like their exterior self. They are weak and afraid. The large stretches of this world scare them too.
I saw this in your eyes when your son was lying on a stiff, lone bed in a hospital you couldn afford to stand in. That night, the clock and your thoughts were too loud to be unheard. And so was your heart.
It wasnt your fault, my sweet. You did not come to me. The first glance was mine and not yours. Or maybe it was the other way round
The first “hi” was mine and not yours. Or maybe it was the other way around too. Destiny was too far from our hands.
But what I know for certain is that my life wasnt mine anymore.I had no control over me. I was sailing a ship over this sea. And this sea was rough, like no mountain ever climbed before. I thought I knew rough but honey what were these six letter before you.
I was enthusiasm, a hard wall, free spirit and mystery novels.
You were peace and uncollected thoughts. A lesser known discovery.

That night from that cold, bitter battlefield of a room your son emerged triumphed. And in your eyes I saw, as they landed on my surrendered corpse, what a true man I had left behind.