In between coffee sips

In between coffee sips

He’d pause and ponder


About all the wonders of his own life

Why am I not at home?

Maybe there isn’t one.

Maybe I destroyed all of it.

Maybe I let her go

Did I? Was it me?

His life was not a tragedy

As hard as he tried

To make it one

His soul wasn’t there anymore

No matter how much

It seemed to be

This can’t be happening.

It couldn’t be true.

She meant nothing to me.

But she did.

Or why would he sit here

Amongst coffee sips

Miserable and sorry

Sharing drinks, thoughts and tears

With a tombstone.

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The Dreamer

​Years flew

To a far away land

And your incapable soul

Laid right here

Dreaming gold mountains and silver lakes

You talked

With that demonic mouth of yours

Shallow lies

 that I took for blue skies and rose petals

Let me free

I did not wish for this

Remove your captivating arms from me

My heart called for you


This body was never yours