Art as a Form of Escape

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The Politics of Writing

The classic problem of people hiding from their lives and retreating to art has fundamentally changed within the last few years. The typical portrayal was some slightly disillusioned child preferring to read their stories or paint a picture than go to class. This concept is littered throughout popular literature and film, but hardly ever captures the real situation that we are facing. I don’t think any reasonable person would object to a child that wants to spend the majority of their time reading or painting, mostly because we think of this as classical art. The major art forms we see today are radically different and therefore require a different analysis.

To any common observer there are two depictions of modern art. There is the contemporary abstract form of art that we all love making jokes about, where there is always some deep meaning to jumbled up colors and tin sculptures…

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Your rocker jeans

divulged the stories

of our adventures

hoarding weeks

of dirt

and sins

stranger paths were lined


the frays of denim

hung around the rips

on your knees


don't matter

because darling


if they knew

we wouldn't be

mere two

branded "madness

Dated: 8-11-16